James Murray
  • Heartfelt thanks to textura, Headphone Commute, A Closer Listen, Ambient Music Guide, Stationary Travels, IRM, Dive Into Sun, Foreign Accents, Quiet Space and everyone who listed Killing Ghosts, Floods Returned or Heavenly Waters among 2017's finest output.

    This episode of Analogue Chat features an exclusive one hour mix and in-depth interview covering lots of ground including some exciting upcoming news for Slowcraft Records:

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  • Heavenly Waters | LP (CD + Digital) | Slowcraft Records | 29th September 2017
    Floods Returned | LP (CD + Digital) | Slowcraft Records | 16th June 2017
    Killing Ghosts | LP (CD + Digital) | Home Normal | 28th February 2017
    Eyes to the Height | LP (CD + Digital) | Ultimae Records | 1st December 2016
    Ghostwalk | EP (12" + Digital) | Ultimae Records | 22nd September 2016
    The Sea In The Sky | LP (CD + Digital) | VoxxoV Records | 25th September 2015
    Loss | LP (CD + Digital) | Eilean Records | 15th January 2015
    Mount View | LP (CD + Digital) | Slowcraft Records | 17th May 2014
    The Land Bridge | LP (CD + Digital) | Slowcraft Records | 26th July 2013
    Floods | LP (CD + Digital) | Slowcraft Records | 1st February 2012
    Where Edges Meet | LP (CD + Digital) | Ultimae Records | 17th December 2008

  • "one of the most innovative and individual sounding artists of our times" igloomag

    "ambient just became a lot more interesting" Norman Records

    "very nearly alone in the nation of techno... a genius of nuance" Star's End

    "an alchemist with sound, space, and texture" Stationary Travels

    "the term [ambient] only begins to hint at its poise and artistry" textura (interview here)

    "personal, emotional, and with unequalled sound design" Ambientblog

    "Murray again proves himself a sound art auteur of rare imagination" Foreign Accents