James Murray
  • Killing Ghosts is now available from both Home Normal and Slowcraft Records.

    The album is enjoying a glowing response including these reviews from textura, Fluid Radio, Ambientblog, Stationary Travels, SoWhat, MWSY and Tartine de contrebasse.

    Thanks to Ian and Gosia for their faith, vision and friendship.

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  • Killing Ghosts | LP (CD + Digital) | Home Normal | 28th February 2017

    Eyes to the Height | LP (CD + Digital) | Ultimae Records | 1st December 2016

    Ghostwalk | EP (12" + Digital) | Ultimae Records | 22nd September 2016

    The Sea In The Sky | LP (CD + Digital) | VoxxoV Records | 25nd September 2015

    Loss | LP (CD + Digital) | Eilean Records | 15th January 2015

    Mount View | LP (CD + Digital) | Slowcraft Records | 17th May 2014

    The Land Bridge | LP (CD + Digital) | Slowcraft Records | 26th July 2013

    Floods | LP (CD + Digital) | Slowcraft Records | 1st February 2012

    Where Edges Meet | LP (CD + Digital) | Ultimae Records | 17th December 2008

  • "one of the most innovative and individual sounding artists of our times" igloomag

    "ambient just became a lot more interesting" Norman Records

    "very nearly alone in the nation of techno... a genius of nuance" Star's End

    "an exquisitely crafted amalgam of ambient & electronic music" Stationary Travels

    "the term [ambient] only begins to hint at its poise and artistry" textura (interview here)

    "personal, emotional, and with unequalled sound design" Ambientblog

    "Murray again proves himself a sound art auteur of rare imagination" Foreign Accents